Recommended Reading for Holiday Season – Island Unto Ourselves by Gomathy Puri

A precious gift for the holiday season.

‘While the writing harks back to a way of telling the story with simplicity and grace, in ways gentle and moving, the everyday lives of Rekha and Gopal, Kamala and Rakesh come alive in their nuanced complexity. The stories do get to the heart of the matter unselfconsciously and with ease, albeit too diligently sometimes. They are evocative of the essence of fumbling and evolving relationships, the angst of displacement, loss and love, belonging, and identity. They go beyond really, using the specific and local perspective through grounding in immigrant identity, to make the leap that reveals common humanity wherein we are all indeed `islands unto ourselves.’
Alka Kumar


Islands Unto Ourselves
Gomathy Puri

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Now Available Online eBook ‘Islands Unto Ourselves’ – a Novel by Gomathy Puri

We are delighted to announce that Gomathy Puri’s acclaimed novel ‘Islands Unto Ourselves’ (Larkuma, Calgary 2012) is now available online in the form of an eBook.

In Islands Unto Ourselves Gomathy Puri opens a private window into the lives of two courageous women of very different backgrounds and aspirations.’
Eileen Kernaghan, Author, Wild Talent.

The digital edition can be downloaded at the following two locations
Amazon – ($4.95 CAN)
Smashwords – ($4.99 USD)

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